Bombastic Quebec Laughing Championships
 ends in extraordinary tie
      Francophone and Anglophone share title of being Greatest Laugher in Quebec 2013


    A Francophone and Anglophone Quebecker will be sharing the title of Greatest Laugher in Quebec 2013 after an unprecedented tie in the finals of the Quebec Laughing Championships in Ste Eustache last night. 

    Opera Singer Christian Villemure and Eastern Townships Laughing Champion Tasha Taylor tied in a knock down laughter duel in the Theatre du Petit Eglise in Ste Eustache part of Stressfest. 
While final victories are decided by audience reaction, after a dramatic and emotional duel, the audience cheered wildly for a tie. The organizers were forced to award the title to both competitors. 
“The audience was right,” said organizer Laughologist Albert Nerenberg. “It was a tremendous duel and they were both out of control.”
    Villemure is a francophone and Taylor an Anglophone. 
“Perhaps it’s an ironic commentary on modern day Quebec,” Nerenberg said of the outcome. “The linguistic dualities being forced to work together.”
    Both will now be invited to compete in the Canadian Laughing Championships November 10th at the Great Hall in Toronto. 
The Championships were a rowdy wild affair with moments that descended into out of control laughter in audience and performers alike.  highlights included a laughing fit contest and a diabolical laughter championship. 

Aris Aghourian of Montreal was named Best Diabolical Laugher of the Year
Celine Bergeron of St-Adolphe-d'Howard was named Best Snort Laugher
And Ricky Donato of Montreal was named Most Contagious Laugh of the Year. 

Laughter contests are a new trend where people compete to trigger an audience into laughing. 
The trend started In Quebec and has spread to over 10 countries. Laughter has been shown to be  a hedge against heart disease, a strengthener of the immune system and a natural anti-depressant.  The Canadian Laughing Champions are set for November 10th  in Toronto. 

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